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Lyndar Premium Paint System

An introduction to the Lyndar Premium Paint Refinishing System.

Rislone Product Selector

A simple guid to help you select the right Rislone product to solve your problem.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Shine Competition 2013 tips

Detailing and photography tips for ensuring you capture that ‘mirror like’ shine that the Meguiar’s New Zealand team is looking for in the 2013 Ultimate Shine competition.

FAQ Peak Antifreeze

General Questions ...

10 Easy Steps to Change Your Own Antifreeze

10 Easy Steps to Change Your Own Antifreeze

Peak Motor Oil 101: More than just a lubricant!

Motor Oil is an essential piece of an efficient engine. Most importantly motor oil is a lubricant for your engine; providing a thin film that protects against wear on your engine parts.

Most Common Engine Problems & the Rislone Solution

Find out the most common engine problems and how they can be fixed with Rislone.

Spies Hecker Paint Defects Guide

What went wrong? Refer to the Spies Hecker paint defect guide to find the solution to your painting problem.

Airbrushing - Shape Exercises

Follow these steps to practice Shape Exercises to improve your airbrush skills.

Machine Polishers

Dual Action Polisher vs Orbital Buffer vs Rotary Buffer - find out what the difference is between the three machine polishers and which one is the right tool for you.