Meguiar’s Ultimate Shine Competition 2013 tips


CHOOSE A GREAT SETTING Hunt for a location that will help make your car jump right out of the picture take. You need find something where the car's surface will not blend in, but rather pop right out of the photo. For example, if you intend to take a photo of a red car, you will want to take it to an area that is filled with green grass, green shrubs and green leafy trees. Contrats in the background as compared to the car are very important for making your car look fantastic and shiny.

CAPTURE THE SUN Use the sun as your guide. Take your photograhs during a really nice and sunny day. Make sure that you take pictures of the car at many different angles and distances. Allow the sun to bounce off the paint of the car and capture that gleam and glimmer. Do not be afraid to overshoot during this process.

USE THE WIDE ANGLE LENS A wide angle lens for this application is perfect. Frame your car and zoom in using the wide angle lens. The lens actually makes the car appear bigger, wider and shinier than normal.

TAKE DIFFERENT ANGLES Do not be tempted to take all ofyour photos at eye level. Instead, snap from different areas, angles and perspectives.

TURN ON THE HEADLIGHTS The headlights add a little more shimmer and glimmer to the car. It will help make for a nice shiny appearance.